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Emanuel Rankin Davis

Emanuel Rankin Davis Family.jpg
                                                 This is the, Emanuel Rankin Davis, family.


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L- R:Will Cobert, who worked for Emanuel,  Shelman Bently Davis 1908-1954, Sarah Mae Davis 1912-1994, Emanuel Rankin Davis 1871-1932, Margrite Rita Davis 1918-1999, Mary Catherine (Smith) Davis 1876-1967, Jessie Lou Davis 1913-, Dorothy Melvina Davis 1910- 1991. The Twins on the picture to the right,Walter Davis and Wallene Davis were not born yet. Catherine Smith was a daughter of Goerge W Smith,  Emanuel Rankin Davis, was a son of Walter Emanuel Davis and Melvina Batson.
Jessie Lou Davis, married, Hardee Bond also see the