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Erth Barton
The, Erth Barton , or farm is located around this Ancient City known as , Erth , during the time that Cornwall was an Indepent Nation in the Cornish Language. But the Ancient City was not Inhabited during this time period. The Ancient City is located near Saltash Cornwall. The Ancient City Walls were built Identical to Several of the earliest Walled Cities in Europe. It is recorded in Ancient History that the first name for this Ancient City was Britni. But the Ancient City Britni was soon renamed by the rest of Europe with names such as Britnia and Britney which became the names for the both the City and the entire Island soon after the Ancient City Britni was first built around 1050 BC.
After the Battle of Berwick, which was fought and won for King James III in 1333,  Henry de Erth was awarded a Knights share of 1080 Acres and became the owner of , Erth Barton. This was recorded in British records in 1337. 
Before 1337 the Barton would have had a different Barton Name.
When Henry de Erth died the next owner was Goffery de Erth. 
When Goffery de Erth died the next owner of, Erth Barton, was Robert Bond who had married ths daughter Elizabeth de Erth.
It is thought Robert Bond was was the son of John bonde who also was recorded as owning Land nearby in Cornwall in 1337 also.
Robert Bond became the first known , Bond , owner of Erth Barton.
Robert Bond and Thomas Bond did not remain at , Erth Barton , but relocated elswhere.

Richard Bond married Elizabeth Maynard of Irish decent and they became the next owners of, Erth Barton , after Robert Bond died.

The Bond DNA Results for, Richard Bond, are
Richard Bond, b.c.1395, Cornwall, England
After Robert Bond died, his son Richard Bond  who had married Elizabeth Maynard of Irish decent became the 2nd, Bond , owner of Eart Barton.
Richard Bond who married Elizabeth Maynard had at least one son, who was Richard Bond.
But,Thomas Bond may have been their son too. No records prove whether Robert Bond was his father, or if Richard Bond was his Father that I can find.