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Grand Sabana - Pictures and Information

Sammy Bond standing by a Grand Sabana Waterfall
The, Grand Sabana, of Venezuela has many Waterfalls and Tepuis. The Pemon Indians live in the Grand Sabana also.
Bonnie Bond at a Grand Sabana River
 We thought the, Grand Sabana, of Venezuela South America was very beautifull. This, Grand Sabana, River was several Hundred Feet below the Waterfall.


We hired one of the Pemon Indians at the Village to take us to one of the nearby, Grand Sabana, Waterfalls in one of the old Canoes.
When we went to the, Grand Sabana, in 1991. The new Pan American Highway that goesthru the Grand Sabana into Brazil was about Two Years old.
This, Grand Sabana, Roar was not very good. Ricky Villasmil  got bogged down. He was lucky that a big Truck could Him out. There is so much Mud on his Winshield that he can beaely be seen in his Toyota. We are going to add a better Picture of Ricky to this Webpage in the Future.
We Camped close tothe Bad Road some Grand Sabana Monkeys woke us up the next Morning howling at us. They were real close to our Tents but they did not bother us.
Grand Sabana and Sammy Bond
On One of our Vacations to Venezuela we went  to the, Grana Sabana, of Venezuela. This is Sammy Bond taking a Picture of a Tepui.
Most of the Pemon Indians who live in the, Grand Sabana, of Venezuela have round houses.
This is Sammy Bond drinking some of the pure water. The, Grand Sabana, has very pure water in most of the small streams.

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This is one of the Pemon Indian Villages in the, Grand Sabana, of Venezuela. The Pemon Indians told us that these old Canoes were around 100 years old.
Delsi Villasmil, at a Grand Sabana Waterfall
This is, Delsi Villasmil, at one of the Grand Sabana Waterfalls

Sammy Bond at a Grand Sabana Waterfall

This is Sammy Bond at one the, Grand Sabana, Waterfalls.

A Nateral Rock Bridge

This small, Grand Sabana, River had a Natural Rock Bridge only. Most of the Water went under the Rock Bridge but some of the Water flowed over the Rock Bridge also.
Grand Sabana Bonnie and Orchid 300.jpg
There are Rare Orchids in the, Grand Sabana, and Bonnie Bond found this very Rare Orchid.
We camped in Tents for Two Weeks in the, Grand Sabana, of Venezuela and we saw some huge Black and White Anteaters.
This Pemon Indian Lady let me take a Picture of Her and her Green Parrot. The Parrot flew around the Pemon Indian Village most of the time, but it would come to her when she colled to it .
We sawa lot of Parrots near the Rivers and small Streams in the, Grand Sabana, also.
The Jasper Waterfalls in the, Grand Sabana, look Dark Red because the Water runs over the Dark Red Jasper Rocks.

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