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Grand Sabana Tepuies or Tepuis

Roraima Size 560.jpg
The, Grand Sabana Tepuies or Tepuis, are the Flat Top or Table Top Mountians in Venezuela South America. These Flat Top Mountains are known as a, Tepui, in Venezuela .
Near most of the, Grand Sabana Tepuies or Tepuis, there are good Places to Camp. We Camped for 13 Nights  in the Grana Sabana.
Tepui Kukenan
The, Grand Sabana Tepuies or Tepuis, are much Higher and Larger than they look like they are from far away. When you get close  to them, they are very Big.
We don't see how Bonnie's Son Ricky made it to the Top of Roraima Tepui. The Walls of the Tepui go nearly straight up for seveal Thousand Feet.
This is Sammy Bond taking a Picture of a small Tepui. But the, Tepui, was too far away and the Picture did not turn out good.
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The Tops of the, Grana Sabana Tepuies or Tepuis, have small Plants that only live on Teoui Tops. The, Tepui. Tpps have small Trees,and many dirrerent kkinds of Flowers. Small FrogsLive on the Tepui Tops also.
The next Day we got close enough to the, Tepui, to get a good Picture. We  found out that the, Tepui, was not a small Tepui also. 
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