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Vembakkam India

Our Chistrian Church Pastors

Vembakkam India
Vembakkam India Christian Church
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Aged, Widows, & Poor
Sithathur India
Our Christian Church Pastors
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Orphan girl, A. Evangelin

PAS.P.STEPHEN(Founder. & President)

Date of Birth :1.07.1947

Wife Name : Esther

Children : 3 Daughters ( 2 Married )

Ministry : He is a senior pastor supervisor and starts all churches. Then he goes to new villages to preach the gospel & start the more churches. Pastor STEPHEN have burden to start churches where there is no church. Coming days he go to preach the gospel & conduct the Gospel meetings in new villages.



Date of Birth:10.06.1975

Wife Name : Jackulin

Children : 1 girl (UKG Std) 1 boy (2years old)

Ministry : Vembakkam & Perumal pet - Kil Nelli –Sithathur

We Conduct the Sunday services 8am-10am at Kil Nelli –Sithathur, 10am to 12.30 pm at Vembakkam. 7pm –8.30 pm at Perumal pet . Weekly days conduct prayer cells & meet and pray for needs. Every month, 4th Wednesday –Night Prayer for nations. Every Friday-fasting prayer. We need the land for church own building at(perumal pet, kil nelli sithathur). Please pray & do help for this needs.


Date of Birth:

Wife Name :Mary Stella

Children : new couple(carring)

Ministry : He doing the ministry at Mangammapet village,far away 50km from Vembakkam. This pastor run by the Sunday service at rented house. Need for a part of land to build the church. Please do pray & support this need.


Date of Birth : 21.12.1977

Wife Name ; Esther Chithra

Ministry: He is doing the ministry in VENGALATHUR village & conduct the Sunday service at one of the believers house. Many poor children’s have this village. He take evening time for children class. Want a part of land to build the church. Please pray with help .


Date of Birth :

Wife Name : Ruth Mala

Children : 1 girl ( 1st std) 1 boy

Ministry : He is doing the ministry at Veppampet village, this is far away 75km from Vembakkam. He also conduct the Sunday service by rented place. His house also rent. He run  all this by God’s grace. Please help to this pastors needs. Need a land to be build the church for this pastor. Kindly pray & do some help .Thanks.