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Ancient Bond Estate
Erth Barton, one of the Ancestral Bond Estates.

Ancient Bond Estate

"Erth Barton". 
Located in the Southwest corner of the Island of Great Britain is the County of Cornwall.  The "Barton" (a large Medieval Farm or Estate) of "Earth" or "Erth,"and  one of (the ancient Bond Dwellings and Barton of the Bonds ) is  close to Saltash in Cornwall.


The antiquity of Erth and its curious name, "Erth"(pronounced "Earth") suggest it is "ancient," and may have been there before the Conquest, and even before the time of Henry de Erth.


Dotted over Cornwall, are strange stone pillars, and stone circles. Some are the work of Pheonecians who around 1500-700 B.C. mined tin from Cornish mines and some such as Stonehedge was built by a earlier race of people, and some were later built some "Norse" or Vikings and Romans.
The "very" ancient ruin at "Erth", built in a large circumference with great stones heaped one upon another without mortar also has been known by the "Phoenician" word of "Erth" probably since the Phoenicians mined tin in Cornwall, or a "Norse" settled there, as they also used the Phoenician words "Erth" and "Bonde".


Erth house is described by a Mr. Carew (in 1610) as a ' very ancient building,' and since his time, approximately four hundred years have increased its antiquity. The Chapel, which is no longer used for the purposes of religion, and many of the old apartments, are in a tolerable state of preservation.



The "chapel" is evidently the building shown in the photographs with narrow Gothic windows in its rear wall and narrower window-slits in the side wall. Several hundred years seem to have made little impression on its sturdy walls that are around 42 inches thick.


Erth, is said to be a (manor house) passed from a family of its own name of De Erth to the name of "Bond" by by a marriage in the 12th Centry AD.
The first known Reference of a "Bond" in the UK was "Mertz Erin bonde" yr. 568 AD. The indications are that was a "Norse" or "Viking". It is recorded that Bond Street in London was  named for him. It is the oldest kown Street in present day London.

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