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Venezuela South America


Venezuela South America | Grand Sabana of Venezuela | Tepuies | Andes | Bonnie and Sammy Bond | Pemon Indians
A Tepuy is a flat top Mountian located in the Grand Sabana of Venezuela. It is
very hard to get Pictures of, Tepuies,  because Clouds  nearly always cover the tops of the
 Table Rock Mountians.
tepui side.jpg
tepui table top plants1.jpg
The tops of the, Tepuies,  are different from any other place on Earth and most of the Tepuy table tops are
unexplored. The plants small trees and small animals ( mostly frogs and lizards ) that live on top of
the, Tepuies, are very rare. The moisture is so dense it is hard to get any pictures.


The, Tepuies, in the Grand Sabana of Venezuela were very interesting to us because they exist no
where else except here. The tops of the, Tepuies,  are so different from any where else in the
world. The cloud surounding the top of this Tepuy  was so dense that we failed to get a picture of even much of the
side of the Tepuy.
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