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Venezuela South America

Venezuela South America | Grand Sabana of Venezuela | Tepuies | Andes | Bonnie and Sammy Bond | Pemon Indians
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The country of, Venezuela South America, is located on the Northern Part of South America and the Country is beautiful.
The Capital of, Venezuela South America , is Caracas and it is a very Modern City.
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The Pan American Hy. goes through, Venezuela South America, from Columbia to Brazil. It is still not completed in the Southern part of Panama.
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The foothills of the Andes Mountians in, Venezuela South America, is a beautiful area of Venezuela that has a lot of  Fertile Agricultural Lands and hardly any Industries. A lot of the skilled workers here are self employed.
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The Northwestern Area of, Venezuela South America, is Desert. An Oil Refinery is close to these Sand Dunes in Coro Venezuela. Venezuela is very rich in Natural Resources such as Iron, Gold, Aluminum, Oil, and Farm Land.
Ranchos are Small Houses built very close to each other. And on steep hillsides they are even built on the top of  other Houses.
Bonnie and I enjoyed our vacations to, Venezuela South America, and we met some very nice people there.
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