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Venezuela South America

Pemon Indians

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Bonnie and Pemon Indians.jpg
                 The,Pemon Indians, of the Grand Sabana are very freindly to Tourist.
                 But nearly all of the, Pemon Indians, do not want you to take pictures of them.
                 But there are exceptions and some of the, Pemon Indians, at Tourist locations
                 seem to want you to take Pictures of them.
pemon and bird.jpg
                     This Pemon Indian  had a Pariot that she wanted us to take a Picture of.
Pemon House.jpg
pemon lady and children.jpg

pemon and bonnie.jpg

Most of the, Pemon Indians, live in round houses.
pemon canoe.jpg
The, Pemon Indians,  that live at this Village by a River welcome Tourist. They have long Canoes and will
take Tourist to a large Water Fall for a Fee.

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Pemon Indians

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