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Vembakkam India

Orphan girl, A. Evangelin

Vembakkam India
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Orphan girl, A. Evangelin
This is, The little Orphan girl,  A. Evangelin, at Vembakkam  in South India. She needs some one to care for her. Any Christian or Church can Feed and Educate her for around $18.00 per Month. But small donations will help to feed Her.

Orphan girl, A. Evangelin

Pastor A. J. Amose Moorthi
69 Church St.
Vembakkam, & Post
Cheyyar Taluk,
South India, 604 410
Phone: +91-09381154410


Even though Bonnie and I have a big Heart Burden for, The little Orphan girl, A. Evangelin, we are Retired and can only make occasional donations to help the Orphans, and the Churches in India.

But when we do donate some, Pastor Amose Moorthi sends a report and Photos to show that the Money was used as it was intended to be used.

When our Sunday School Class sent some Pencils and Notebooks the Class was sent Photos showing the Children getting the Pencils and Notebooks.

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Pastor, A. J. Amose Moorthi
LR= Bonnie Bond, Sammy Bond, at ages 48. But we are now 67 1/2 Yr's old. We are Retired but we do what we can to help  the Christian Churches in India. One of my Hobbies is Building free Webpages, so I have built these Webpages for Other Christians or Churches to see. Then hopefully, they may have the same Christian Heart Buden for the Vebakkam area Churches, that we have, and will want to help in this Christian Mission Work also.